Suozzi opposes New York unilaterally assigning cost to carbon

By Published On: December 7th, 2021Categories: Capitol Notes

Congressman Tom Suozzi thinks it would be a mistake for New York to enact the Climate and Community Investment Act, which would generate billions of dollars for green energy projects and infrastructure by taxing activities and products that contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.

“I would consider something like that from a federal perspective,” the Long Island Democrat, who is aspiring to be the party’s nominee for governor, told The Capitol Pressroom.

The legislation didn’t move in either house of the state Legislature in 2021, but it’s expected to be a top priority of environmental advocates during the 2022 legislative session. Republican lawmakers have been out front against the bill for months, focusing on the immediate ramifications for energy and transportation costs.

Suozzi argued that the level of taxes in New York already make the state “unattractive” and making the cost of living more expensive, with higher energy bills and gasoline taxes, will only contribute to the problem.

“We have to figure out how can we balance our desire – and our correct desire – to be a progressive state that leads the nation, but also make it so that people can afford to live here,” he added.

Politico New York reported in September that Gov. Kathy Hochul had not publicly ruled out supporting the CCIA.