A majority of New Yorkers think Gov. Andrew Cuomo should resign from office, following the release of an extensive report from state Attorney General Letitia James documenting extensive sexual harassment by the governor, according to a poll conducted Tuesday night.

The Marist Poll survey found that 59 percent of New Yorkers, including 52 percent of registered Democrats, believe the three-term incumbent Democrat should resign and 59 percent said he should be removed from office by the state Legislature if he doesn’t go on his own. Nearly one-third of New Yorkers say Cuomo should finish out his term, while just over a quarter think he should not be impeached.

Based on the findings from the attorney general, 44 percent of New Yorkers believe the governor committed illegal conduct, while 29 percent believe his actions were unethical, but not illegal.

Only 18 percent of Democrats believe Cuomo deserves to be re-elected to another term next year.

The poll has a margin of error of about 5 percentage points. This is the first reaction from New Yorkers and there will likely be additional surveys about the embattled governor’s actions and future in the coming days.