The Assembly Environmental Conservation Committee Chair, Long Island Democrat Steve Englebright, joined the show Tuesday to react to the governor’s proposed budget, including a $3 billion proposed environmental bond act and increased staffing levels for the state Department of Environmental Conservation. 

During the conversation, Englebright said – in light of a proposed restriction from Gov. Andrew Cuomo on the use of polystyrene in New York – he would be interested in exploring prohibitions on the production of the controversial plastic by manufacturers that then ship it out of state.

“I think we should do what we are capable of doing without getting involved in an interstate commerce controversy,” he said.

Englebright also revealed that discussions with the governor’s office about the Child Safe Products Act, which regulates the use and disclosure of toxic chemicals in children products and passed the Legislature last year, have produced “disappointing” possible changes from the second floor.

“We are not interested in becoming the state that has set the new standard for weakest possible child products safety bill in the nation,” he said.

Cuomo has about a week before action on the bill is due.

Englebright also indicated that more than the $3 billion proposed by Cuomo for an environmental bond act could be needed and contended that DEC remains “woefully” understaffed, despite plans to increase staffing levels.